Top-10 Sedans sitting high off the ground (like SUVs)

Top-10 Sedans sitting high off the ground (like SUVs)

When talking of comfortable cars with higher clearance, without a second thought we conjure up the mighty SUVs in our minds. But what about cars other than SUVs! Do they step up higher than their counterparts? We’re going to find that out soon with our top picks of the season.

Honda CR-V, Subaru Forester and the Mazda 5 are a few good combos of SUV style driving seats with the horsepower of your mini car. However for many people, these crossovers might not close the deal, so instead, they can consider sedans such as the Subaru Outback, Suzuki SX4 and the Audi Allroad with much higher ground clearance than other cars in the segment.

Being on the higher ground means a much better view of the road, and people with short stature are always up for the mighty SUVs for this purpose. But even with a few sedans sitting high off the ground you can reap the same benefits while not compensating with high fuel costs. A short test drive always proves worthy before making a final selection as you can look out on a few aspects such a getting comfortable seat position, steering, and seat alignment, step in height, etc.

Chances are that you’ve already gone through the manufacturer’s specs, but it doesn’t seem really cool to rely on the numbers as stepping in the vehicle is a whole different story. With the help of our editor’s polls, we’ve narrowed down on some ideal candidates that comply well with our basic checks. After a thorough analysis, we’ve listed down the top contenders in the market.

Scion xA

Available with seamless eye-catchy interiors, the hatchback astounds its spectators with fine sightlines and tall cabin design. Being a fine mix of looks and elegance the Scion xA is a pretty good compact vehicle for high clearance.

Mazda 3

Perhaps this is among the chic hatchback options like SUVs for higher ground clearance with a telescoping/standard tilt steering wheel and much clearer visibility. The higher line models are pretty good at maintaining optimal comfort levels with height-adjustable driver seat.

Mini Cooper

The Mini Cooper has its place in the higher ground models with its manual groovy looking seat adjusters. However, it’s a well-known fact that the Mini Cooper’s cockpit adjusts well with small height drivers. Perfect visibility is guaranteed with their standard height adjustable driver seat.

Honda Accord

Honda Accord is backed with a long history of always making its occupants comfortable and happy. The sedan is considered among the best for visibility with its low placed hood. Other than that you can expect an adjustable driver seat and telescoping steering wheel from the LX top model.

Subaru Forester

If you wish to really settle with an SUV then the next best thing is the Subaru Forester, with its mighty size. The Subaru is ideally tall enough to grab a good view of the road but not too much tall that you’ll face problems in getting in and out. All sedans sitting high off the ground come with height adjustable seat and have a lightweight liftgate with sturdy grip handle.

Volkswagen Golf, Jetta and GTI

Having the same platform both these Volkswagens sum up for a comfortable drive with easy road view. Almost everyone would be comfortable while driving these with premium height adjustable seats and their telescoping wheel.

Chevrolet Malibu Maxx and Malibu

The bulky sedan has enough room like SUVs to occupy people of different sizes. With optional features like telescoping/tilt wheels and adjustable pedals, these additions sum up a fine driving experience for short heightened drivers.

BMW 3 Series

Thinking of a luxury sedan that gets you a comfortable fit? There is no better option than the 3 series with it perfect sight lines and supportive seats. Drive comfortable while getting the perfect adjustment for the steering wheel and seat.

Volkswagen Passat

Not only the elegant sedan brings in much better coziness than the Malibu but comes with an exceptional range of adjustments for seat-height and telescoping wheel.

Toyota Sienna

Being the only minivan offering a nice and clear view of the road like SUVs, it is also available with a tilt/telescoping wheel.


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