About us

The manufacturers regularly present new vehicles.

Cars are more than a means of transportation. That is why we are providing a well-illustrated technical data.

Cars are my passion. And also my calling. In the meantime, over 10 years I have been writing regularly for several newspapers and magazines. Now my focus is on developing my own auto blog.

Usually, this is how it works in life: getting older you sell your beloved convertible and something “useful” comes in. My first car memories from early childhood are associated with Porsche 944. Sure, who likes to be without his two-seat sports car, just because the family recently got bigger. My life has been a lot about the cars ever since. The necessary portion of humor and an economic-academic background help with the reporting on car specs.

As an engineer, I would call myself a newcomer to auto journalism. Through my online affinity, I contribute to the technical data of the website.