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Mazda is a multinational Japanese automaker which is based in Fuchu, in the Aki District of Hiroshima Prefecture in Japan. In the year of 2015, Mazda company produced 1.5 million automobiles globally. Majority of these automobiles were made in the Japanese original plans only. In the same year, Mazda became the fifteenth largest automobile producing company in the world.

Space which is present between any vehicle’s tire and the upper part of chassis is technically called the ride height. Ground clearance is determined with the help of standard automobile equipment. It is the critical factor which is responsible for several other important features of an automobile. Ground clearance determined that the centre of the mass of the vehicle is much higher. The centre of any automobile needs to be higher to reduce the tendencies of accidents. It also proved that the vehicle is much more able to be driven on the roads.

When ride heights are higher, the aerodynamic properties are affected effectively. As a result of this, sports cars have much lower ground clearances, but other vehicles which are driven off-road such as SUVs have much higher ground clearances. The two extremely popular extremes are the Hummer and the Ferrari F40.

Mazda is undoubtedly the most famous and powerful non-luxury company in the market. It has the most luxuriously designed cars with sporty looks and extremely high-tech features. The features are unique and such that both the driver and the passengers can be very comfortable. None of these features are found in any other companies.

The main secret of Mazda’s success and achievement as a brand is its contemporary and extremely modern luxury badge along with its very expensive tags. The company does not split its economy brands and its production, like many competitive companies such as the Ford, Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, and many others. As a result of this, the company has afforded to be extremely luxurious and artistic. Even the company’s sedans and SUVs are very luxurious and stylish.

Mazda CX-5 has much better progressive features than the similar sized Toyota RAV4. Though both the SUVs have great quality and are considered as very safe by the Insurance Institute for Safety, the Mazda produced SUV is much better. It is better in terms of its classy look, interior space, ground clearance, ride height, safety and various other luxurious and extensive features.

In every possible aspect, the Mazda CX-5 dominates over the Toyota RAV4 in the international market. Mazda CX-5 in 2018 is by far, Mazda’s most exquisite production which stylish, enduring and also very safe. Especially the long drives on the snowy roads or off-road adventures become far safer, fun and comfortable The automobile Mazda CX-5 also has ground clearance more than that of the SUV Toyota RAV4. This particular feature automatically changes the driving experience altogether.

In the present time, Mazda is ruling the automobile industry with its brand policies, marketing policies, and various high-tech machinery. The Mazda automobiles are luxurious, stylish and safer to drive as well.

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