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Honda company originates from Japan, it is a public multinational that makes automobiles. The company has been in operation since 1959 and has been producing cars and selling outside of Japan. As in 2013, Honda was the first Japanese automotive company in the USA to export more and import less. The company boasts of many car models including; Amaze, Avancier, CR-V, City, Fit among many other models.

Also known as the ride height, it is the difference between the point where the tires meet a flat surface (road or garage floor) and the lowest point of the vehicle, normally the axle appears to be the lowest point. Ground clearance can as well be measured by parking the vehicle on a flat surface and measuring the distance between its lowest point and the ground.

Ground clearance is always measured when the vehicle is not loaded with either cargo or people. It will, however, vary depending on the vehicle use and type. For example, cars are generally used for carrying passengers, racing and general uses.

Variations in ride height would mean that the vehicle with a greater clearance is to be used more carefully. Most Honda vehicles are saloon cars and SUVs with a clearance of between 165mm and 250mm. Let’s look at Honda city, for instance, its ground clearance is 165mm, this means that the vehicle’s center of gravity is at its lowest possible, considering the car suspension. At that clearance, the car is able to perform optimally (be able to attain good speed without gaining instability).

Most car users go ahead and modify the ground clearance of their cars by either by lowering it. This could work in all Honda cars as almost all the passenger cars are made with an allowance of lowering inches that will not put the car to a risk of being scratched by the ground.

Honda Ground Clearance differences (vehicles with lower clearance as well as those with a bigger one) however come with their advantages and disadvantages. It could also be of importance to note that vehicles are made for particular uses and markets so when buying we should consider that.

Advantages of low ground clearance

Increased handling

The center of gravity is way lower than its average. This makes the car stable and gets very easy to drive even at high speeds.

Assists in Aerodynamics

In aerodynamics, when a vehicle is moving at a speed, the air moving over it becomes denser than the one under the vehicle hence higher pressure is under the car, low clearance reduces the air under the car and as a result, lowers the pressure. This gives the car advantage of attaining high and safe speeds.

Disadvantages of low ground clearance

Inability to go off-road

Cars with low ride height come in contact with the ground many times when off road and therefore becomes difficult to drive.

Advantages of High ground clearance

Good off-road abilities

The vehicles are able to move in all types of roads including bumpy terrains without difficulties.

Higher carrying capacity

It will take a greater weight to get the axle of a pickup to a bump than that needed for a saloon car to hit a bump.

Disadvantage of High ground clearance

The center of gravity is high hence the vehicle will have to be loaded so as to attain more weight and stability and therefore be able to move in better speeds.

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