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KIA Motors is a well-known automotive company but it never started off the same way. It had a very humble beginning as a steel tubing and bicycle company in the month of June in the year 1944. As time passed their grip on the market got stronger and in 1957 they started producing motorcycles. Soon after in 1962 they came up with trucks. Finally, they introduced cars in 1974. The first plant of automotive assembly was Sohari Plant which was opened for KIA but fee years later on the command of the military dictator they had to give up making passenger cars. This left them only with trucks.


KIA vehicle with the best height


One stat that matters the most to many people when it comes to vehicle is ground clearance. Maybe the statement shouldn’t be said out loud again as people may die laughing but in reality ground clearance specs is the topic about which people talk the most. Now, we are present to let you know about that the ride height of KIA is really high off the ground. Thus, we can say that KIA ground clearance is unbeatable.


The top-selling KIA models


We see respected organisations awarding the automobile companies with honours such as “the car with the lowest maintenance cost” or “best performing car”. These awards are really prestigious but the best example of the qualities of a car is its popularity. Only popularity can tell us how much people are willing to buy that particular product at a given point of time. Some of the most popular and best selling vehicles of KIA are mentioned below.


If recent sales figure are taken into consideration KIA Forte and Optima are the most sold cars. The cars have set really high standards in terms of value, style and performance. Apart from that they also offer convenience and safety features.


2018 KIA Forte

KIA Forte is no less than a driver’s sedan. It has tons of high-class facilities such as elegant looks with a gorgeous interior. Also, it has extremely advanced safety systems, breath-taking infotainment and brilliant fuel efficiency. It also includes drive mode select system ( Normal, Sport and Eco ), Autonomous Emergency Braking and a warranty of 10 year/ 100000 miles.


2018 KIA Soul

The KIA Soul has some really amazing features such as 1.6 litre turbo-4 engine which delivers 201 horsepower. The fuel economy is really high with 26 city / 32 highway mpg and a torque of 195 lb-ft. It is a large space for cargo and can accumulate upto 5 passengers. It also has some awestriking features such as kardon / Harman audio system, apple car play, panoramic sunroof and Android Auto.


2018 KIA Optima

Last comes the KIA Optima but it definitely isn’t the least. It is one the most popular cars of KIA. It is a midsize sedan. It is remarkable when it comes to things like performance, fuel efficiency, technology and resale value. Its latest edition comes with some additional features such as Rear Parking Assist, Cross Traffic Alert and Blind Spot Detection.

The vehicle is assisted with a 2.0 litre turbo 4 which produces 245 horsepower and a torque of 260 lb ft. If you’re searching for a car with the best fuel economy and the cleanest of emissions then you must go for this car. Also, it offers version in plug-in hybrid and hybrid.

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