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The history of Audi is quite magnificent consisting of unmatched craftsmanship and high-quality luxury and flamboyance. Audi has been manufacturing the world’s best luxury vehicles for almost a decade.

The brand Audi has been present since the time when the automobile company Wanderer was incorporated. With passing years, Wandered gradually merged into Audi AG Company and became one of its brands.

The brand name Audi also has its own history. It was adopted in the twentieth century when one of the founding member’s son suggested that the brand should be named after the German word “listen”. The idea to name the brand Audi was to associate it with the power and dominance that compels ones to respect and listen to the machine.

Audi Ground clearance Comparison

Compare the ground clearance of Audi Q7 with its immediate competitors.

The closest competitor to Audi is the BMW X5, Mercedes Benz GL, and Porsche Cayenne. To make it clear, let’s say that ground clearance above 170 mm is considered quite decent, but any cars ground clearance less than 160 mm is not at all good for Indian roads.

If you are considering driving on roads which do not have any bumps or high-speed breakers, then one can even consider the cars with less than 160 mm of ground clearance. One needs to think the kind of road, he wishes to drive on. Take into considerations the kind of locality you live in and the kind and quality of roads there. Also, consider the frequent locations which you would visit.

Most of the time Audi sedans have sufficient ground clearance, ensuring that the lower part of the car does not get scrapped or damaged while driving in a rough patch or a high-speed breaker. The high ground clearance you can drive your car in almost all terrain but if you plan to go a bit off road, then there are models which will provide better ground clearance.

Before buying your vehicle, it is better to inspect and get an accurate understanding of how much ground clearance you would actually get. It is better to go for maximum ground clearance so that you are sure that your car’s chassis is safe and unhurt.

If you compare the models of Audi, the new fifth-generation 2017 AudiA4 sedan, the 2017 Audi A4 Allroad had nine-tenths of an inch more ground clearance. The clearance grows from 5.2 inches to 6.5 inches.

In spite of having more ground clearance, there is no sensation that the height of the car has increased as you can still look at the traffic passing by. It seems that commanding cladding does not produce command view seating.

It quite obvious to wonder why Audi bothers lifting the car when the ride height hardly increases. Won’t it be better if they could just slap more cladding?