Mazda CX-9 Ground Clearance

Ground clearance (also perceived as Ride height) determines the height from the lowermost point of the car’s undercarriage and the spot of the tires’ contact with the even road. Though, the maker of the model might use slight cheats to the typical process to promote winsome estimation entailing the real space from the shock absorbers, the engine oil pan or the muffler to the terrain might be slighter than stated in the official specs.

It is no wonder since choosy consumers chase an increased ground clearance to avoid trouble when parking near the bumps or on trip through the harsh environment. The true ride height of the model differs between 204 to 220 mm in relation to the year of creation and equipment. Don’t forget that a heavy- laden vehicle will undoubtedly miss about 1 inch of ground clearance.

Fortunately, the model ground clearance can be escalated with spacers for shock absorbers to help the vehicle rest higher off the ground. While building a higher model, you forfeit a fraction of the former stability and maneuverability in angled turns. On the other hand model ground clearance can be lowered in the name of improved handling and stability.

There a number of ways to increase ground clearance. When it comes to lifting or lowering your Mazda CX-9 you can choose between bigger tires, a leveling kit, coil spring assisters, coilovers, airlift suspension, suspension lifts, etc.

11.2015 – 2019

Trims Ground Clearance, mm
2.5T AT Supreme 220
2.5T AT Exclusive 220
2.5T AT Active 220
2.5T AT Executive 220

How to raise Ground Clearance on your Mazda CX-9. Tip 1 – Get Bigger Tires.

You can raise the ground clearance of your Mazda CX-9 by upgrading tires to the bigger size. This will earn you extra 0,5-1 inch of clearance.

12.2012 – 12.2015

Trims Ground Clearance, mm
3.7 Sport 204

How to raise Ground Clearance on your Mazda CX-9. Tip 2 – Install Leveling Kit.

Leveling kits are designed to level out the uneven stance and increase the ground clearance of your Mazda CX-9. In most cases, the slight lift will allow for bigger tires. Please refer to Plus Sizing Guides.

09.2009 – 11.2012

Trims Ground Clearance, mm
3.7 Sport 204
3.7 Touring 204
3.7 Grand Touring 204

How to raise Ground Clearance on your Mazda CX-9. Tip 3 – install Suspension Lift Kit.

Mazda CX-9 Suspension Lift Kits (only available for trucks and SUVs) provide the proper clearance between the tire and chassis when going off-road. Normally, it increases the ground clearance from 2 to 8 inches.

12.2007 – 09.2009

Trims Ground Clearance, mm
3.5 GS 204
3.5 GT 204
3.7 Sport 204

How to lower the Ground Clearance on your Mazda CX-9.

Option 1 – Install Lowering Springs .

Option 2 – Install Coilovers

Option 3 – Install Air Suspension Kit


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