Lowering the ground clearance of your vehicle

Lowering ground clearance of your car is not only a popular but also a cheap aftersales modification service. A lot of people prefer having this service performed on their car due to the benefits it comes with. First, it will enhance the aesthetic value of your and give it a much better balance in as much the force of gravity is concerned. Many cars which carry passengers are significantly lowered to a level that will not cause any damage. This lowering process is undertaken by making changes to suspension springs’ length. The process is made easier by utilizing suspension kits which are manufactured by H7R and Eibach companies.

There are many ways through which lowering ground clearance is done on a car. Some of the reliable ways are by using Underslung frames. This approach improves the car’s center of gravity and lowers the ride height. This method is mostly used by the well-known American Motor Car Company.

When it comes to maintaining a particular ride height, then Self-leveling suspension systems will be of much help. These systems will ensure your car maintains certain ride height, irrespective of the load it will be carrying. Vehicles that lack these systems tend to have one side pitched down when loaded. As a result, the car will be affected adversely in terms of aerodynamic and handling properties

How to lower the ride height of your car

Depending on your individual requirements or needs you might be forced to lower the ride height of your car. One of the reasons why people carry out this procedure is to enhance the aesthetic value of the car. The procedure might also improve the handling of your car.

When it comes to lowering the suspension of your car, the distance of the hub-to-guard is measured accurately. The accurate measurement is duplicated between various vehicles. The suspension is measured to eliminate a combination of rim shape or size, tire profile and tire pressures which have a notable impact on the distance between your vehicle and the ground below.

We provide a comprehensive database and list of hub-to-guard accurate measurements on how far the suspension of your car can be lowered or raised. Depending on your needs the right measurements will be used.

There are a number of reasons why your car springs need to be replaced.

They include the following:

1.  Height

When it comes to lowering your car, you need to be aware that it will be closer to the tires and the road. In this regard, it will be wise to fit performance replacement springs. In case you have sagged original springs, it will be better to replace them in order to return your car to a more standard height.

2.  Handling

Replacing your car springs will improve the handling of your car. In addition, your car will gain enhanced stability.

3.  Heavy Loading

You can replace your vehicles with new performance springs that will ensure your car regains the right stability in the light of heavy loading.


Lowering the ground clearance of your car should be undertaken with a lot of precision. This is important to avoid having an awkward look on your car. It will be better to visit a professional to carry out this procedure.


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