Subaru Legacy Ground Clearance

Ground clearance (also understood as Ride height) denotes the space between the lowest mark of the auto’s undercarriage and the spot of the tires’ touch with the horizontal surface. Nevertheless, the manufacturer of the model might exploit tiny tricks to the regular program to advertise attractive outcome implying the legitimate distance from the shock absorbers, the engine oil pan or the muffler to the ground could be briefer than detailed in the issued manual.

It is no surprise because practical car buyers strive for a lifted ground clearance to rule out problems when parking near the curbs or running through the non-unran land. The precise ride height of the model varies between 135 to 180 mm in relation to the year of manufacture and equipment. Bear in mind that a heavy- filled transport will clearly give up about 1 inch of ground clearance.

Fortunately, the model ground clearance can be uplifted with the help of spacers for shock absorbers to help the auto sit higher off the ground. While relishing a higher model, you forfeit a portion of the erstwhile balance and maneuverability at high speeds. Contrarily model ground clearance can be trimmed for the sake of refined handling and stability.

There a number of ways to increase ground clearance. When it comes to lifting or lowering your Subaru Legacy you can choose between bigger tires, a leveling kit, coil spring assisters, coilovers, airlift suspension, suspension lifts, etc.

02.2014 – 01.2017

Trims Ground Clearance, mm
2.5i CVT 150
2.5i CVT Premium 150
2.5i CVT Limited 150
2.5i CVT Sport 150
3.6R CVT Limited 150

How to raise Ground Clearance on your Subaru Legacy. Tip 1 – Get Bigger Tires.

You can raise the ground clearance of your Subaru Legacy by upgrading tires to the bigger size. This will earn you extra 0,5-1 inch of clearance.

How to lower the Ground Clearance on your Subaru Legacy.

Option 1 – Install Lowering Springs .

Option 2 – Install Coilovers

Option 3 – Install Air Suspension Kit


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